Music Workshops

Are you a rapper, singer, music producer?

Hip Hop, Grime, or Drill artist? Classical musician or African drummer?

We are looking for all kinds of East London based musical talent to help us develop the music for our film.

Job Description

It’s simple: be at the workshops. Create. Collaborate. Inspire.

The music for our film will be workshopped with 8 musicians over 6 sessions between July-Sept 2021 led by songwriter and composer Aga Serugo Lugo. 4 workshops will be offline in East London and 2 online. Each workshop is 3 hours. At the end there will be an opportunity to record your co-creation in a recording studio.

Participant writers will receive £30 per workshop (minimum wage) + £5 travel compensation for the offline sessions.

Please note that you need to be present at the workshop to receive the remuneration.
Childcare can also be covered on a case by case basis where required.

These are professional paid positions and are under contract. You will be credited as ‘music development by’ in the film.

To apply

Please apply via the yellow button. You can fill in all the questions or send a video or audio file to in which you give answers to our questions.

The application form has 4 sections. Section 1 is about your contact details, section 2 has four important questions that we need to know about you, section 3 has praticical questions and in section 4 you have the possibility to upload a video or audio file of you answering all the questions under section 2 and 3.
The questions with a red star are a must to fill in, otherwise you can’t move forward in the application form.

Deadline: SUNDAY MAY 16th at 11 pm.


Always feel free to email us your questions and we will get back to you asap: